Michael O’Neil on Pierre Maury and election


Over the next few weeks a contributor to my book – Michael O’Neil of Vose Baptist Seminary in Perth, Western Australia, will provide a summary of Pierre Maury’s lectures, which I translated for my book “Election, Barth and the French Connection, How Pierre Maury gave a ‘Decisive Impetus’ to Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Election”, in order to make more generally available what Maury said that so impressed Barth.

Michael wrote a very perceptive and practical essay in my book on the topic of “The Light of the Gospel: Election and Proclamation”. I was so pleased that he took up this topic as preaching was such a dominant feature and focus of both Maury and Barth in their lives and work.

You can read the first excellent post that Michael has put up on this topic by going to his blog here: https://theologyandchurch.com/2020/04/17/pierre-maury-on-election-and-faith/

Michael observes that

For Maury, the eternal and the incarnate Christ is the origin, ground, and goal of God’s election. This election is entirely free, wholly God’s initiative, and yet at the cross it is shown to have cost God everything.

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