Launch of the 2nd edn of “Election Barth and the French Connection – How Pierre Maury gave a ‘Decisive Impetus’ to Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Election” – 20th February at Alphacrucis College, Hobart.

Simon at launchThank you so much to the staff at Alphacrucis Hobart for hosting this launch. It was really encouraging to have the support we had and especially with two of the contributors to this edition – Drs Leo Stossich and Damon Adams speaking about their essays. The respectful juxtaposition of Damon and Leo’s presentations of their chapters was a good demonstration of how to do theology in a constructive way.

Jacqui Grey who is Dean of Theology and Professor of Biblical Studies at Alphacrucis College, Sydney, told the Tasmanian State Director for Alphacrucis College  that “Its great to see this sense of community around learning and research that this night represented…..Please pass on my congratulations to Simon for the launch of the book, and to you as well for fostering community and events like this”.

Damon at launch

Above – Damon Adams.

Leo at launch

Above – Leo Stossich.


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