Un homme libre (A free man)

This is what Karl Barth said about Pierre Maury in a letter to Albert Finet, Director of the weekly “Réforme” (Reformation)  journal published in 1956 (18.2.56) under Un homme libre (A free man):
…”We were great friends. In all likelihood he underestimated what he brought to our friendship. If he learned this or that from me, he never in any way became my student. At an important stage in my theological journey, when I was concerned with the doctrine of election, he gave me a decisive impetus. Very often he led me much further, simply by his questions, his reservations or his objections. He was a legend, when some considered him as my blind partisan. He was too good a Frenchman, and a Christian to be someone else’s passenger. Besides I didn’t have either the intention or the capacity to do that with him. Read his writings and his publications and you can see to what degree he thought everything through and expressed and defended it in his own way. And he had such gifts that I never possessed, which I could only admire in him”. 


Karl Barth, Pierre Maury Nous qui pouvons encore parler…correspondance 1928-1956, introduction, notes, traduction par Bernard Reymond, Lausanne, L’Age d’Homme (Symbolon) 1985, p249. Translation Simon Hattrell.




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