Scenes from the life of Pierre Maury (1890-1956) a photo montage

From left to right starting at the top left hand corner of the photo montage below:

At the beginning of WW1 1914.
Toward the end of the 1920s.
The two Pastors of the Reformed Parish of the Ascension at Passy:
Marc Boegner & Pierre Maury in 1948.
Pierre Maury, Karl Barth & Willem Visser’t Hooft in Switzerland, May 1934.
With his family on leave in Anduze, Gard, Southern France, December 1939, WW2.
With Karl Barth in Paris 1934.
With Karl Barth on the Boulevard Arago in Paris 1934.
In 1948.
Being awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Chicago 1954.
With his granddaughter Tine in 1955 a year before he died.

Photo montage of Maury

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