Election, Barth and the French Connection – how Pierre Maury gave a ‘decisive impetus to Karl Barth’s doctrine of election.

A second revised and expanded edition of this book is to be published by Wipf & Stock.
Karl Barth’s famous account of the doctrine of election in his mammoth Church Dogmatics has been described as the heart of his theology–a great hymn to the grace of God in Christ. He maintained that “we must look away from all others, and excluding all side glances or secondary thoughts, we must look only upon the name of Jesus Christ.” For Barth God’s election is primarily about his self-decision or self-determination, not about his election of individuals.
In this book you will discover Barth’s fascinating French connection: pastor/theologian Pierre Maury (1890-1956). His close friendship, and especially a paper he gave in 1936 in Geneva called “Election & Faith” helped stimulate Barth’s reflection. Also included are some never-before-translated works of Maury as well as a revision of a previously published piece on predestination.  A number of theologians then reflect on their significance for us today from historical, textual, pastoral, and theological standpoints, and seek to draw conclusions for us in our contemporary setting, sixty to eighty years from their original composition.
Karl Barth and PIerre Maury
Boulevard Arago, Paris, 1934.

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