“Pierre Maury could write a theological article in the manner of a play…. (with) real people you had met.” Robert Mackie (1899-1984)

In 2016 I was in St Helens on the East Coast of Tasmania over the weekend for  a Bible Forum I had organised at which Kathy Rochester spoke on Deuteronomy.

Eddie, with whom I was staying had been reading my book of Pierre Maury’s works and said “the translation is very readable and the work is brilliant and quite enthralling“.

I was so encouraged by this kind of feedback from a reader as it proves that Maury really ‘hit the spot’ in the way he was able to communicate great truths in an accessible way- not just to the ‘academy’ but to all concerned Christians.

His old friend Robert Mackie (1899-1984)

Robert Mackie

a greatly respected Scottish Churchman, who had himself been touched by Pierre’s life and ministry said of him “This natural gift for conversation was perhaps the key to Pierre Maury‚Äôs evangelistic and pastoral power. He was one of the few people who could write a theological article in the manner of a play, with characters speaking from different angles, and all of them seeming to be real people you had met“.

My prayer then was that this great French Pastor/Evangelist/Theologian would speak again to many Christians on this vexed subject of election/predestination and bring clarity to the minds of God’s people just as he inspired a certain Karl Barth to attempt his own reconstruction of the Doctrine of Election in CD II/2.

Barth & Maury, Boulevard Arago, Paris, 1934.

Karl Barth and Pierre Maury Boulevard Arago Paris 1934

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