Commendations for "Election, Barth and the French Connection".

A wonderful achievement” Professor Frédéric Rognon, Pastor of the Reformed Church in France, Editor of ‘Faith & Life’, Protestant Faculty of Theology, Strasbourg (Marc Bloch University).

Simon Hattrell is to be warmly thanked and congratulated on his work of writing, translating and editing, culminating in the publication of this volume. It is a solid achievement in each of these respects. It will be a considerable service to those who find the work of Barth a source of endless inspiration and challenge. But it also puts before a wider theological public the opportunity for a second look at a doctrine far too readily consigned to the mistakes of Christian history…” Emeritus Professor Christiaan Mostert, President of the Melbourne College of Divinity from 2006 to 2007, and a member of the University Council of the University of Divinity until his retirement in 2012.



These translations and their accompanying interpretative essays not only provide an entry into Maury’s theology and its relation to that of Barth, but also prompt fresh thought about the content and place of the doctrine of election in Christian thought”. The late John Webster, Professor of Divinity at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Maury’s pastoral and preaching focus….remind us that this is an exploration of election not simply for those of us in the theological academy, but also for those of us whose priorities are preaching and teaching in churches”. Suzanne McDonald , Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan, USA & author of ‘Re-imaging Election- Divine Election as Representing God to Others and Others to God’, Eerdmans, 2009.

“…It has been a delight to read, and equally, a joy to reflect on what is contained here…..What Maury does so ably is to disempower and dismantle the idea of the absolute decree outside of, or apart from, Christ…”. The Reverend Dr John Rietveld, Director of Learning, Development and Coaching, Christian Coaching Institute, Australia.

This is a significant contribution to scholarship and Christian understanding”. John Harrower, past Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, now assisting the Australian Anglican Primate, Philip Freier.

Maury is so wise and effective a communicator- a straight shooter too. A very presentable volume- a book of scholarship without pretence”. A retired senior public servant, Tasmania.

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